We could offer a race recap of the Tour of the Gila describing in detail how Alex Cataford came 7th and Matteo Dal-Cin came 10th on Stage 1’s uphill finish to the Mogollon RR; how Alex crept into 6th after coming 5th on Stage 2; how he announced himself as a rider to watch after coming 2nd during Stage 3’s TT, moving up again in the General Classification into 2nd overall; and how he was efficiently protected during Stage 4’s crit; then battled with the industrialised grit of his Liverpool ancestors during the famed Gila Monster stage to finish the UCI 2.2 race in 2nd overall… but a detailed recap would miss the 3 key takeaways from this year’s Tour of the Gila.

#1 The Tour of the Gila is a hard race, but even more so this year due to consistent crosswinds and a talent-stacked peloton. All this to say that the final stage’s legendary Gila Monster was… monstrous. Seriously. Here’s what a Gila Monster looks like and they’re HUGE, so you’d be right to think about the need for dragon slayers.

Gila Monster

Google the last name of the guys on the podium: Morton, Cataford, Britton… these are names with histories of conquest and survival.

Cataford on podium with Morton and Britton

This is probably the hardest day of continental racing in the US, so it was a hard day. Acevedo and Jaramillo obviously put pressure not only on myself but Silber as well for the podium spots… It was different this year with the wind. It made it a continuously harder week, every day was hard.

–Rob Britton (Rally, 3rd GC) post-race comments to Cyclingnews

#2 You don’t know enough about Alex Cataford Alex has long-been recognized as a talent in Canada. The 22-year old Ottawa native is the current U23 TT Canadian Champion and last year represented Canada at Worlds in both the TT and RR. Followers of Canadian cycling know that he won the U23 TT in 2013 and was 3rd overall. Then an injury caused him to miss the entire 2014 season, so last year he was just getting going again. This year’s Tour of the Gila was his breakout race for US audiences, and a sign that there is much more to come. Learn more about Alex.

Alex Cataford

#3. Silber’s spring block was something special  SO MANY DIFFERENT GUYS STEPPED UP. Matteo Dal-Cin won Redlands. Nigel Ellsay finished second overall at Joe Martin. And Cataford capped it off with 2nd at the Tour of the Gila. Don’t forget that Elliott Doyle slipped into 2nd during the crit at Redlands and Kris Dahl was 3rd in the crit at Gila. The team has firmly established itself as a key development program for Canadian cyclists.

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