Silber Pro Cycling works like a jumbling village under a moving tent…

Check out this pic of Alec Cowan and Adam Roberge warming up for the Canadian TT Championship

Alec won the TT at the Tour de Beauce and an hour after this pic was taken Adam won the U23 Canadian title. In fact we swept the U23 podium. Now check out the logos on the tent wall behind our riders. They represent companies providing us with a platform for success.

Now while you’re looking at the logos, think of all the PEOPLE at those companies who contributed to our team’s wins. Too many people think we stick logos on surfaces just to “get sponsorship” or to help “brand.” Yes, we have sponsorship agreements but these need to be understood as working relationships with all our industry sponsors and most of our financial sponsors. Logos don’t simply point to things; they are signs of work done at companies by people that help our riders succeed. In fact our sponsors have worked their butts off to make things happen, and all our riders and staff know how much they’ve helped.

For example, we’ve called Devin and Avery at Vittoria Tires multiple times this year for help with things not even related to tires! That said, our riders were grateful to have both the Corsa and Rubino Pro Speed tubulars on the rain-soaked descents at Nats! I thought Nigel might kiss the rubber on his Vittoria tires during the downpour. He came second overall!

Doug Martin at Jamis Bikes introduced us to the folks at Vittoria. Doug has helped Silber Pro Cycling in so many ways. He’s the type of guy that helps build things. In our case, he helps build our team through contacts, advice, friendship and oh yeah, great bikes. Doug gets just as excited about our wins as the riders and staff. It’s a contagious excitement that builds confidence and reminds you not to lose sight of the adventure that is central to racing bikes.

Jonathan has ensured we got our Kinetic trainers on time for the last 3 years, shipping smart adapters across the country when we needed them. Last year we bent a couple adjustment knobs on the way to the Tour of Alberta and got replacements immediately. This stuff doesn’t show up magically. Emails, calls, tracking numbers, changing ship addresses… It looks so seamless because all that work is embedded behind the logo on the bright green trainers that our guys use to calmly warm-up for their TTs.

Nick responded to a last-minute request and shipped non-custom veloToze orange covers in time for our Saguenay, Beauce, Nats block. He made sure our guys were protected from the rain and had the aero advantage of veloToze shoe covers. The people at veloToze know racing and you notice that right away when dealing with them. You can talk with them about stages at Gila as well as the latest test results on their shoe covers comparing the difference of wearing short or long ones.

And fi’zi:k stepped up in a big way this year, providing ALL our Jamis Bikes with saddles chosen by our riders, helping with bike fit, comfort, UCI compliant set-up, power transfer… There’s a huge amount of coordination that goes into the personalized support provided by fi’zi:k . Special thanks to Rob at Highway Two for all his work and to Heath at the 11 inc for putting us together.

Heath has built one of the most exciting bike stores in the country. He and his staff at the 11 inc have helped us with advice, equipment, sponsorship, bike fits, marketing and key contacts. I could go on and talk about many other sponsors and the people with whom we work. A village is a crowded place. The point here is that when you see our riders sitting under our tent in their Giordana kit; when you see POC helmets hanging from various places, Easton wheels leaning, Specialized shoes tossed under orange folding chairs, Thule bags with Doc’s Skincare products and Clif Bar wrappers sticking out, and smell the aromatic scent of Grupetto coffee in the air; when you notice Musette Caffé musettes holding rice cakes and K3 number holders in action… know that all their logos are signs that many, many people have come together under the jumbled tent we call Silber Pro Cycling. And there are more and more signs that the platform we’ve built is working.

Scott McFarlane

Written by Scott McFarlane

Scott is the GM and an co-owner of the team. With a rich history in Montreal cycling as a coach, trainer and co-founder of the Silber cycling team in 2014. Through Gord, Scott met Floyd and Josh Saint in 2018 to architect the team's rebrand to Floyd's Pro Cycling.

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