I had a friend in high school who was a big guy, good athlete, and let’s just say he was not unfamiliar to the police. He had arrived from England in his early teens with an infectious love of life. He was always friendly, always smiling and always up to something. We went our separate ways, but anytime I would bump into him and ask what he was up to–he would grin ear to ear and enthusiastically British accent his favourite line: “A lil’ bit of this, and a lil’ bit of that.” I never really knew what he meant, but I believed him.

If I knew a phrase in French that could capture his winking excitement, his nudge nudge “méli mélo”, I would use it to describe Silber Pro Cycling’s experience at the Tour de Beauce. On one hand, the guys arrived tired after being on the front defending yellow in the rain for every stage at the GP Cycliste de Saguenay. Then they missed the break on the first two stages at Beauce so were forced onto the front again. By the last stage, some were riding on fumes. On the other hand, however, they went at it and raced hard every single stage. Matteo Dal-Cin, for example, was 16 sec off the winning time in the TT and then was in the main break of the day for the next 3 stages. I mean the Beauce is always hard, but it’s a home town race so we gave it a real go.

So there were mixed results from a team that has been stellar all year. After Stage 2’s hill top finish on Mégantic, Ryan Roth was 7th overall, with a shot at the GC podium. Unfortunately he crashed in the TT and withdrew from the race after battling to the final stage. At training camp, Ben Perry said he wanted to do well on the last two stages at Beauce. He came 3rd on Stage 4 and 5th after an altercation in the final corner on Stage 5. Alex Cataford was in the front group on the final stage but two mechanicals and a flat caused him to lose contact on the final lap. He nonetheless moved up to 9th in the General Classification. Overall: “A lil’ bit of this, and a lil’ bit of that.”

Next up: sleep, recover, Nationals! And last but not least, Happy Belated Birthday wishes to our photographer, Brian Hodes / VeloImages. He deserves all the credit for the pics below.

Scott McFarlane

Written by Scott McFarlane

Scott is the GM and an co-owner of the team. With a rich history in Montreal cycling as a coach, trainer and co-founder of the Silber cycling team in 2014. Through Gord, Scott met Floyd and Josh Saint in 2018 to architect the team's rebrand to Floyd's Pro Cycling.

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