After winning 3 titles, a silver and two bronze at 3 different National Championships, Floyd’s will continue to run split squads in Romania, the US and Canada.

After winning the Romanian TT Championships, Serghei Tvetcov is racing for the Romanian National team at the Sibiu Cycling Tour (July 3-7; UCI 2.1). After the prologue and Stage 1, Serghei is 2:03 off the pace but 25 sec out of 2nd. Stay tuned…

After Sibiu, Serghei will join recently crowned U23 Canadian Road Champ Nickolas Zukowsky, and first year up-and-comer Carson Miles in Boise to race the 28km Chrono Kristin Armstrong on July 12th. The following evening, this squad will dive into the always exciting Boise Twilight Crit, which is part of the USA Crits series and will be streamed here. Serghei has won 3 TTs this year and Zuke was 2nd in the twilight crit last year…

Last but not least, a squad led by recently crowned US Crit Champ, Travis McCabe, will head to BC Superweek. Key targets will be the UCI race in Delta and the evening Gastown GP but every crit is an opportunity. Ok ok: winning Gastown would be sweet…

Three different racing scenes and three paragraphs ending with dot dot dot. Hey, this post is about “what’s next” so those dots/ellipses make sense. Three scenes of racing–Sibiu, BC and Boise–will unfold shortly. Then we’ll connect the dots and write you a line.


Scott McFarlane

Written by Scott McFarlane

Scott is the GM and an co-owner of the team. With a rich history in Montreal cycling as a coach, trainer and co-founder of the Silber cycling team in 2014. Through Gord, Scott met Floyd and Josh Saint in 2018 to architect the team's rebrand to Floyd's Pro Cycling.


  1. I like this blog and have been following the team since it was re branded. I ve enjoyed seeing your successes this year but still skeptical about the teams longevity after this season as how I see it may not attract big sponsors due to Floyd’s involvement. Anyways, it seems that your calendar of events seems not up to date as I see that Tour of Qinghai Lake is part of your race calendar but seems that your not in the starting list according to Pro cycling Stats. However, I really do hope you guys get more invites in races abroad as well as Tour of Utah to get more exposure.

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