Cowan, Bassett and all U23 Riders Re-sign for 2018

Canadian team poised to build on promise of 2017 in 2018

Silber Pro Cycling has re-signed Alec Cowan, Stephen Bassett, Pier-André Côté, Nicolas Masbourian, Nickolas Zukowsky, Adam Roberge and Marc-Antoine Soucy. (Gallery below)

“There will be more announcements in the near future,” stressed Scott McFarlane, the team’s GM. “We have other signings to announce and we’re in discussions with several others as we gradually get a better sense of our needs. We thought the timing was right, however, to announce the return of our young riders as a way to reflect back on the success of this year. Our season is coming to an end and we’re proud of the winning, respectful culture we’ve created. It says something that all these young, successful athletes wanted to come back.”

2017 in the Rear View Mirror

After a stellar 2016, Silber graduated three riders to larger programs then signed a young, promising group of athletes to fill the void. The team proved its ability to identify talent and provide a platform for success by finishing 2017 with three National Champions and with four U23 riders heading to Norway to represent Canada at the UCI Road World Championships.

“These guys smack of excellence in everything they do both on and off the bike,” said McFarlane. “I cannot stress enough how well they get along and how great the feedback is from all those throughout the year who rode with them, joined us for team dinners, met them at races or hosted them in their homes.”

All the returning riders have shown significant sparks of potential. They’ve won National titles, worn yellow, worn the maple leaf, won KOM jerseys and Young Rider jerseys. They’ve all proven they’ve got the basic physiology to compete through their time trialing. Cowan in particular had spectacular moments for a rider of his age. In 2018 they will know the races on our calendar and have had a year learning race craft from Gord Fraser.

Building Towards 2018

McFarlane went on to assert that “The challenge for Silber in 2018 is to provide the racing platform that can keep up with the development of it’s riders. This group signed on as a whole because they believed our team was the right vehicle to achieve their goals–together. It’s a testament to how well riders, staff and management all got along this year; and to how hard we all worked. Our Montreal-based financial sponsors–Arthur Silber, Michael Wolfe (Mandevco Properties), Harold Stotland (J. Hamelin) and myself (Toguri Training)–committed the time, personnel and leadership required to create an environment that helps promising young athletes achieve success on the world stage. To further our impact, Pierre Lafontaine and Kevin Field at Cycling Canada have helped create pathways of communication with federations, associations, clubs and associations across the country so that we can inspire more young athletes to get on their bikes. More news on that as it unfolds. In the meantime, as I’ve said repeatedly: we’re building something here.”

A gallery of who’s coming back so far… with more roster news to follow so stay tuned!

Alec Cowan (20, Alberta) won Stage 3 at the Tour de Beauce & the KOM at the Tour of Alberta in 2017. © Scott McFarlane


American Stephen Bassett finished 2nd at 2 stages of the GP Saguenay, was 4th at a stage of Cascades, wore the young rider jersey at Gila and represented the USA at the Tour de l’Avenir. © VeloImages


Marc-Antoine Soucy won the National U23 Road Championships while racing with Garneau-Quebecor. An agreement between the two teams allowed Soucy to race with Silber for the Tour of Utah and the remainder of the season. He went on to represent Canada at the World Tour races in Quebec and Montreal, and he will represent Canada again at the upcoming UCI Road World Championships in Norway. © VeloImages


In a Silber sweep of the Canadian U23 ITT Championships, Adam Roberge took home title. All three of these riders are signed for 2018 and they are all U23 next year… and the year after that. © Scott McFarlane


Amongst several notable wins, Pier-André Côté captured the Canadian Criterium Championships.  He represented Canada at the World Tour races in Quebec and Montreal and will be representing Canada at the UCI Road World Championships in Norway. © Pasquale Stalteri


19 year old Nickolas Zukowsky was 2nd at the National U23 ITT and our most consistent presence in breaks throughout the year. “Zuke” will be joining Alec, Marc-Antoine and Pier-André in Norway at the World Championships.


After a breakout 2016, Nicolas Masbourian had his 2017 season cut short due to injury. He’ll be back in 2018 to provide leadership and power in the engine room. ©Vincent Drouin-VeloGazette




Scott McFarlane

Written by Scott McFarlane

Scott is the GM and an co-owner of the team. With a rich history in Montreal cycling as a coach, trainer and co-founder of the Silber cycling team in 2014. Through Gord, Scott met Floyd and Josh Saint in 2018 to architect the team's rebrand to Floyd's Pro Cycling.

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