2017 is here. In the pro cycling world, the New Year brings change. This first week has seen many teams unveil new recruits wearing their new clothing designs.

It’s a fun time for all. Sponsors and teams showcase new ideas on branding and merchandising. Fans get to see their favorites looking refreshed, sharp, and motivated. Closer to home and trickling through social media are glimpses of Silber alumni donning their new team’s colors. It always takes a few double takes to process but we can be proud to give our athletes a platform to grow as professionals and continue their path to their ultimate goals in the sport.

Thinking back to my time as a rider, it wasn’t unusual to have numerous changes each season. How the new clothing was cut and measured to fit properly was always a challenge. Helmets have improved greatly, so the old way of dremel tooling the internal shape has all but ceased. I know I would have to spend 2-3 hours of customization to the old helmets with their crude fit. Now our POC helmets and straps are good to go straight out of the box. New eyewear was always exciting, but one aspect for me that was an issue was air circulation around the lens. My eyes would tear with certain shapes so I was always trading with my teammates. Yes, riders are getting their new swag on, but there’s more subtlety and detail with those changes then you might think.

It’s no different for us here at Silber Pro Cycling. Our new bike sponsor Jamis has offered a glimpse on what our new bikes will look like and I can say that even after 30 years in this business, getting new equipment never gets old. It’s nice that we finally get a custom paint scheme on our machines. Jamis has been heavily involved in pro cycling the past few years, and we already feel their professionalism and motivation. We are determined to confirm their hunch that our team will be a great catalyst to spread the word on the quality of their product.

Our long-time apparel partner Giordana has also come up with a fresh new look for the team. I’ve been using Giordana for most of my career – from Motorola – through Mercury – and now Silber. I can’t wait to pull on one of our new, understated merino wool Café training jerseys. Our new team will stand out in this new kit.

2017 marks big changes for Silber Pro Cycling. We graduate three riders onto their next phase and bring in six newcomers. I’d almost count 7 – as returning rider Julien Gagne had his entire 2016 cut down by injury from his first race crash. Unchanging is our philosophy on shaping these new fresh faces. We take each day and race positively, collectively and above all ethically. I feel very fortunate to pass my experience on to this new generation of uber talented riders. Our distinctive orange will be on full display when our season kicks off with training camp here in my adopted Tucson, Arizona. It might still be a few months away but anticipation is growing.

Early January may be time for many to make resolutions but I like to think of the New Year as embracing change. For Silber Pro Cycling, we’ll have a few more exciting changes to announce soon, but for now we’d like to express our very best to all our sponsors and fans in the coming New Year.

Gord Fraser

Written by Gord Fraser

Gord is a three-time Olympian with over 200 career wins. He retired from professional cycling at the end of 2006. He has been a Sports Director ever since, joining the team in 2014. He was inducted into the Canadian Cycling Hall of Fame in 2016. Gord and Floyd were teammates from 1999-2001.


  1. Rock on, Flash! Sorry not to see Silber Pro team entered in Tour of Cali, but I reckon you’ve got plenty of other great events on your plate for 2017. Not too long, and I have said this already, before you and the boyzz are doing to UCI D1 thing on the world cup tour. Best wishes for a safe, successful, and very successful season to you and the team. Silber Pro Cycling Team is Bomb!

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