They say it’s “where legends are born” let’s hope that’s true. What we do know is that Matteo Dal Cin is the first Canadian to win the Redlands Bicycle Classic in the 34 year history of the race. So that’s historic!

The win was a total team effort. We could not be more proud. Redlands is the first major ‘appointment’ on the North American domestic racing season. After a winter spent training and an early season where teams are scattered around racing in Arizona, Florida, Texas, California and abroad… everyone converges in Redlands with their ‘A’ players and their ‘A’ game wanting to test themselves against each other for the first time of the season. The race is made more important by its rich history. It was an honour to have a rider from our team added to the prestigious list of winners.

Here’s the team, in their own words:

I’m really proud of the way the team raced today. We executed one of our strategies to perfection and seeing it pay off was incredibly rewarding. Thanks to all our sponsors and especially to Arthur Silber for giving us this opportunity. – Gord Fraser

Dahl defending on Oak Glen

I’m over the moon it was such a cool experience executing our plan – to a ‘t’ – today… incredible.

The team was amazing. Ben covered the initial break and pressured Jamis. Nigel made the break as well. Kris, Emile, Elliot and Nicholas were supposed to just survive the first climb to the time bonus before coming to help me. They did more than that, they were right by my side from the word go along with Mikey. I was so well looked after for the laps Jamis was chasing it was incredible.

Kris doing it after he crashed and mangled his ankle was super motivating, he could have pulled out he’s pretty badly hurt but to have him there today was awesome.

I didn’t over think it when the opportunity to go came it was what we’d talked about just 50km before we thought it’d happen. Nigel being up there with me was a life saver. He did the work, and knowing you have a guy in the group who has your back is huge. There were so many times that I would have been absolutely hung out to dry if he hadn’t been there, it was a stellar ride by him today.

Words can’t describe how great it was to have the guys looking out for me all week. It really helps you dig-in that little bit more when you know your teammates have put their trust in you — you have to do your best ride, after they sacrifice for you all day. – Matteo dal Cin


Today we executed Gord’s race tactics perfectly. I ended up doing quite a bit of work once I got in the move we wanted with Matteo. It was easy for me to turn myself inside out though for a great leader like Matteo. Icing on the cake was learning that I had also won the KOM jersey! – Nigel Ellsay



Redlands Win
Matteo on the final GC podium with Travis McCabe and Neilson Powless

It was hard to keep up on social media :

Stay tuned for more details and a complete recap…

The Team

Written by The Team

We started our first season as a UCI continental team in 2014. It was a 5 Yr run as Silber Pro Cycling. In 2019 Floyd Landis became our title sponsor and was joined by Worthy Brewing as a presenting sponsor.

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